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Ann Elisha Cuthbert (* November 30, 1982 in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian actress.

Elisha Cuthbert was born in Calgary and grew up in Toronto. She began her career as a model at the age of seven years. It was always the possibility of small roles in television films and series.


Year     Title     Role     Notes
1996     Dancing on the Moon     Sarah     
1997     Mail to the Chief     Madison Osgood     
Nico the Unicorn     Carolyn Price     
1998     Airspeed     Nicole Stone     
1999     Believe     Katherine Winslowe     
Time at the Top     Susan Shawson     
2000     Who Gets the House?     Emily Reece     
2001     Lucky Girl     Katlin Palmerson     
2003     Love Actually     American Goddess Carol     
Old School     Darcie Goldberg     
2004     The Girl Next Door     Danielle     
2005     House of Wax     Carly Jones     
2006     The Quiet     Nina Deer     
2007     Captivity     Jennifer Tree     
He Was a Quiet Man     Vanessa     
2008     My Sassy Girl     Jordan Roark     
Guns     Frances Dett     Post-production
Six Wives of Henry LeFay     TBA     Post-production
2009     Ny-lon     Edie     Post-production
Cat Tale     Cleo     In-production

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Year     Title     Role
2001     Largo Winch     Abby
1997-2000     Popular Mechanics for Kids     Herself
1999-2000     Are You Afraid of the Dark?     Megan
2001-2006     24     Kim Bauer