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Marc Anthony (born September 16, 1968 in New York actually Marco Antonio Muñiz) is a Puerto Rican-American composer, singer and actor.

Marc Anthony was born to Puerto Rican parents in Spanish Harlem and grew up with seven siblings. Its name comes from his mother’s predilection for the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muñiz, but bears the same last name just happened. To avoid confusion, he adopted the stage name "Marc Anthony" (English to for Marcus Antonius). At seven, he should have visited the school in addition to already have a music academy in East Harlem, with twelve years he sang in the background chorus of "Latin Rascals" with and then later in the teenage boy band "Menudo". He then appeared as a rock singer in several music clubs. He also performed in feature films, as with El sustituto, Big Night and Hackers, and also appeared in the Broadway production The Capeman (Paul Simon).


* 1991: When The Night Is Over
* 1993: Otra Nota
* 1995: Todo A Su Tiempo
* 1997: Contra La Corriente
* 1999: Desde un Principio: From the Beginning
* 1999: Marc Anthony
* 2001: Libre
* 2002: Mended
* 2003: Exitos Eternos
* 2004: Amar Sin Mentiras
* 2004: Valio La Pena
* 2006: Sigo Siendo Yo 2006 (The Hits)
* 2007: El Cantante


* 1988: East Side Story
* 1993: Carlito’s Way
* 1994: Natural Causes
* 1995: Hackers – The network of the FBI (Hackers)
* 1996: Big Night
* 1996: Murderous exchange (The Substitute)
* 1999: Con la música por dentro
* 1999: Nights of Remembrance Bringing Out the Dead
* 2001: The Time of the Butterflies (In The Time of the Butterflies)
* 2004: Man on Fire (Man on Fire)
* 2006: El Cantante