Choosing The Right Maxi Dresses Can Be Very Easy Now

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 12:45pm by GJ Staff

Packing for a Weekend – Carry On Luggage Only!

When you’ve got a summer weekend away planned – be it Barcelona, Paris, Rome or Ibiza – time is precious. You don’t want to waste it checking in bags then hanging around at your destination airport for your luggage to hit the baggage carousel. There’s also something far more liberating about travelling light than having to lug a huge case across the city, stressing you out at the start and end of your trip.

It’s perfectly possible to pack for a weekend using just your carry on luggage allowance. These little tips will make it easier!

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Choose the Right Case

Different airlines have different size restrictions when it comes to carry on luggage, so make sure that you’re aware of what your case needs to measure before you invest. Once you have the measurements, look for a wheeled case with a fold away handle, for convenience, that you can easily put into the overhead lockers.

Know Your Destination and Itinerary

Packing will be made much easier if you know your destination and your itinerary in advance. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly – but be sure to put at least one light cover up in, even if you’re expecting sky high temps, for the evenings and travelling.

Think about what you’re likely to be doing each day and pack specific outfits, rather than randomly cramming your case with your favourite outfits. For example, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the beach, all you’re likely to need are a couple of bikinis, shorts and a vest, a maxi dress or two and maybe a kaftan or similar light cover up.

Buy On Arrival

Toiletries and towels can take up a lot of space in a case. You might find that these are provided in your hotel, but if not, you can buy them out there, use them, and then discard before your return flight.

Pack Multi-Tasking Items

Pack clever and choose multi tasking items that can be worn more than once. For example, there’s a great selection of maxi dresses from George at ASDA that can be pulled on over a bikini and flipflops by day, or dressed up with wedge heels and accessories by night.

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Scrimp on the Shoes

As much as you might love your shoe collection, now is not the time to showcase it! Pack flipflops for the day and one pair of wedge heels for evening – unless you need specific shoes for walking or other planned activities. If you do need to take a pair of cumbersome shoes or boots with you, wear them to travel in!

Know the Restrictions

When taking hand luggage only it’s not only important to pack light but also to know the hand luggage restrictions on what you can and can’t take onto the plane. No one wants to have to bin their favourite (expensive!) perfume at security, so check that everything you pack is allowed.

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Don’t let luggage woes weigh you down. Pack smart and enjoy your holiday with the freedom of having just hand luggage to worry about.