How to Lose Weight Without a Fad Diet

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 5:22am by GJ Staff

Each year, millions of Americans attempt to lose weight but many do so in a manner that is bad for them. The issue is that these people do not do the correct amount of research to find healthy ways to lose weight. The key is eating healthy, exercising regularly, and taking the correct supplements. Change your lifestyle instead of finding a “fad” diet.


Healthy Eating

When eating healthy, many people concentrate on counting calories and over time it becomes overwhelming. The key is to change the way you eat and actually enjoy these new foods. The question is how to make the transition to healthy eating.

·  The first thing to do is make a schedule on when to eat and stick to it. By keeping a schedule, a person can avoid binge eating.

·  The key to eating healthy on a schedule is not to skip breakfast. Breakfast is the key to starting the day right. Not only will it curb hunger, it will also boost your metabolism. The first meal of the day should be full of fruits and high fiber grains.

·  Another key to eating healthy is to eat throughout the day. Dieting is not starving but feeding your body throughout the day to keep hunger subdued. Small snacks throughout the day will help energize the body and help avoid eating too much during the common eating times.

·  Avoid drinking things high in sugar. The best thing to quench thirst is plain water. Drinking water helps a person avoid sugars that increase body fat and also subdue hunger urges.

·  Lastly, the final meal of the day, dinner, should not be eaten prior to going to bed for the night. The body needs to digest what you eat and eating prior to bed slows the body’s metabolism causing the digestive system to slow down and food becomes stored as fat then.


Being active keeps the body’s metabolism going. A mistake people make is to jump right into exercising immediately, which makes the odds of quitting an exercise program higher. Even simply taking a walk for a half hour will help the body. Regular exercise also reduces the chance of diabetes. Exercise not only helps keep your body fit but also keeps your mind sharp. During exercise, endorphins are produced, which makes the body feel rested and also increases the ability for a good night’s sleep. Find an exercise regimen you enjoy and it will be easier to stick to.


The last key to a healthy diet is taking natural supplements. Another reason to take supplements is because some of the nutrients the body needs cannot be gotten from foods. Foods today are processed differently than in the past and with the changes in processing, some nutrients are now lacking. Supplements are not just found in pill form but in liquid form as well.

·  Multivitamins. Get the vitamins and minerals you need. You don’t know what your body is lacking, and missing out on key vitamins can cause health conditions that also make it harder to lose weight.

·  Green Tea Extract. Green tea is natural and full of antioxidants. Some brands may have fillers and other chemicals, so make sure you check up on it. Healthy Trim Green Tea Extract, for example, has reviews and a site where they advertise the ingredients. If you can’t find the ingredients, don’t buy it.

·  Chromium Picolinate. Chromium boosts your metabolism by increasing your body’s insulin actions. It can help decrease appetite, boost muscles and burn calories.

A healthy diet should be important to everyone. By adhering to eating healthy, a good exercise plan, and taking supplements, a person has a greater chance at living a longer, healthier life.