50 Years since Marilyn Monroe Death

Posted on Aug 8 2012 - 12:40pm by GJ Staff

It has now been fifty years since the controversial death of Marilyn Monroe, and she is now even more popular than ever. Marilyn was as controversial in life as she was in death, with many people talking about conspiracies around her untimely death. Although these claims have never been proven, many people still believe that there was foul play in the death of Monroe.

The world is a buzz with mementos of Marylyn Monroe with people around the world paying tribute to the 1950’s sex icon. It is fair to say that she is more popular now than she was in her lifetime, and this goes to show the captivating power that Monroe had over her audience.

The major concern however for ‘real’ Marylyn Monroe fans is that the younger generation does not fully understand who Monroe was. Apart from being an American sex symbol, she was a great actor, singer and poet. There are many sides of Monroe that most people do not get to see.

marilyn monroe death

Some of her most acclaimed works now 50 years since Marylyn Monroe death include “The Misfits” and “Bus Stop” which showed off her acting prowess. Monroe often fought to be taken seriously as an actress, and craved to be seen more than a sex symbol. It is only fair to credit her for all her works, and think of her as Marilyn Monroe the actress rather than simply an icon or image.
It is now 50 years since the death of Marylyn Monroe, and there is a lot to show for it.

There is talk of an upgrade to the Marilyn brand. This is said to include a cosmetic line, sportswear, footwear, handbags, spas and much more. 50 years after Marilyn Monroe death she is still idolized all over the world. Her name is synonymous to beauty, style and grace, and her image is deeply embedded in the minds of millions all around the world.