Adriana Lima hooked up with a weirdo!

Posted on Jun 10 2009 - 1:21pm by GJ Staff


Adriana Lima got hooked up with this weirdo?WTF?One of the famous angels of Victoria’s Secret was caught during a healthy handjob for a nerdie man!

In my opinion this photo must be truncated because this type of girl can’t go out with this type of men,simple and undertandable,right?Are there any doubts?I guess not!Who is this little boy?Was there any girls in his boring life of nerdiness?I don’t think so!If there weren’t any I don’t think he will have girls like Adriana.What if this photo would be real?Would you have something to comment upon that?Will you say that this guy is the most luckiest man on earth?Hell yeah!

As you can see the nerd man has a shirt with guns headed to his head which is a good thing!He can shoot himself in peace without any problem…

In conclusion this photo is 100% fake!