Alec Baldwin kicked off flight

Posted on Dec 8 2011 - 1:18pm by C Tanner


Really it wasn’t his fault, but recently while taking a flight on American Airlines Alec Baldwin was kicked off the plane. Not because he was loud or anything like that, but because he was using his cell phone to play a word game. That’s right he was asked to turn the phone off by an attendant and refused.

After he refused he got up, and went into the restroom, the lights were still on for the seat belts at this time too. Supposedly he slammed the door to the bathroom so loudly that they could hear it in the cockpit. By the way that door to the cockpit was shut and locked, so to create that much noise he must have slammed the door.

Continuing on his tirade by calling the crew several inappropriate names along with using quite a bit of offensive language, at which time he was asked to leave the plan, he did get another flight to New York.

So the game that Alec was playing is Word with Friends, and if you have ever played it you know the game is addicting. Were they flying while he was playing? Not at all, but idling in the gate and waiting for approval for take-off. Not that this explanation really makes his behavior any better. But you can almost understand if you have played the game previously it can become addicting pretty quickly!