Amy Winehouse died due to lack of alcohol

Posted on Jul 30 2011 - 7:07am by GJ Staff

Amy Winehouse

Amy still gets on the press attention with new clues every day,some are true and some are not!

Another reason for Amy’s Winehouse death could be lack of alcohol acording to the specialists.Most of us do know that if we like for example cigarettes and we want to give up on them,things will never be the same because the first thing that happens to us is gaining weight and who knows what other changes are happening inside our body.

There are a lot assumptions and we don’t want anymore to believe in them,doctors will do their job and we will find out eventually the result even that is a lie or not.I am sure that it will last a lot this investigation,just like in Michael’s Jackson case because in the end Amy Winehouse was the best in her domain.

If we could help with something in this turmoil we should do it with all out love for her and appreciation.