Angelina Jolie Has Now An Twitter Account

Posted on Jul 27 2010 - 12:04pm by GJ Staff


Angelina Jolie decided that is better to have a twitter account and communicate with her thousands of fans from everywhere.

Us magazine reports that Angelina has obtained the account @AngelinaJolie but that it is currently locked down, with no followers.

Peaches said:

"How did mandy moore end up with ryan adams? It’s so weird. But weirder couples have happened I guess…ahem…*cough*" (sic). We’re also starting to think that having director Eli Roth as her other half is going to Peaches’ head as she delivers yet another film review on Twitter. She says: "Saw Salt tonight. It was painful. I know movies are supposed to be fantasy but this was just unbelievable, badly scripted crap."

It’s nice that she has a twitter account but would she be able to answer millions of questions?