Anna Torv is back for season 3 of Fringe

Posted on Aug 8 2011 - 7:28am by GJ Staff

Fringe Season 3

Anna Torv had her vacation and now she’s back for season 3 of one of the most rated serials called Fringe.I am one of those who watched Fringe and is definately one good choice if you are a fan of this kind of movies.

According to some good sources this season is about dealing with past consequences and it might be more interesting and possibly more action.

“Season three was about Walter (John Noble) truly coming to terms with the consequences of the damage that he had done. [The season finale was about] Peter (Joshua Jackson) recognizing that… Olivia (Torv) was going to die in 2026 and he made the heroic choice to avert that outcome. Now all of our characters, we find them in a place where we’re dealing with the consequences.”

Anna Torv who plays as a Fringe Division agent is ready to solve some cases as you never dreamt before,some better than the other and definately more bizarre.Teleporting,changing in new persons are some of the things that are not weird from this point of view.