Anne Hathaway does Gotham Magazine

Posted on Dec 7 2010 - 8:27am by GJ Staff

anne hathaway gotham

Anne Hathaway is on the cover of Gotham Magazine,December 2010 issue.

Jake is a charmer: “If you don’t have chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal, then there’s probably something wrong with you, because he is the most insanely charismatic man. All you have to do is listen to him and you’re instantly charmed.”

Which actresses inspire her:  “Laura Linney is one of my favorite actresses. Sometimes when I am trying to remind myself what good acting looks like, I turn to her performances. Oh, and Meryl Streep, obviously, and Sigourney Weaver. Cate Blanchett never ceases to amaze. Marion Cotillard is a new one for me. I’m just in awe of what that woman does. Did you see Inception? I mean, all of that talent and all that emotion… she’s just absolutely stunning. I am so lucky—there are a lot of great women to learn from.”

New York, New York: “Well, my favorite store in the world is Patricia Field. It’s such a playground—the best dress-up closet. I like to go to ABC Carpet & Home and look at the expensive things and try to figure out how to put it together from flea markets. But my favorite thing is to put on some awesome music on the subway and just walk my own personal music video. There’s an intensity of purpose about New Yorkers that suits me very well. It feels like home when things are moving a little bit faster or a little more intensely, a little bit more in your face.”

I always was a fan of Anne Hathaway and I would love one day with her.