Ashton Kutcher Parade Magazine

Posted on Jul 31 2009 - 9:50pm by GJ Staff

Ashton Kutcher got on the cover of Parada Magazine,2 august.

 How he and Demi make things work:  “The real trick is putting yourself around people you admire. That’s why I married my wife. I locked in the brightest light in the room. My wife and I have an agreement in our marriage, and part of that contract is that we are going to shine our lights on each other. My relationship with Demi is so solid, thank God, and we’re so communicative about the way that we’re feeling that we don’t allow space to come between us. I definitely believe that if you stop working at relationships, they go away.”

On the Hollywood part:

"Of course there is a price. I’ve only been back home to Iowa once in the last year and a half to see my family. I go and shoot a film and spend months away from my wife and my girls. And that’s a price to pay. I also don’t get to see my friends very often. You can’t complain when you’re so blessed. I get so many things that the notion of me complaining is obscene. It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous."

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