Ashton Kutcher the Ladies Man

Posted on Dec 9 2011 - 12:38pm by C Tanner

Now that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are not a couple, both of them will be linked with a lot of different people. In fact it seems that Ashton is making up for time lost while he was married, or at least letting it be seen a bit more, he’s a ladies’ man.

Already having posted on Twitter that while on Thanksgiving vacation in Iowa he was surrounded by those young girls who now know he’s on the market, he’s also seemed a bit more cozy with Lea Michele his co-star in a movie they have coming out together.

During the premiere they sure acted close to a new couple would, by hugging, giggling together and holding hands. Of course this was all done in front of the cameras and there is always a lot of hype that will be done by actors to have people go and see their new movies. This could include a set up "romance" by the studio to make people want to see how the chemistry was during filming.

But both of them are single now that Ashton is divorcing Demi. Lea has been single since September when she and Theo Stockman, a Broadway actor, broke it off. They do make a pretty cute couple when you look at the pictures! But again is this a made up performance to just generate more interest in the movie that will be coming out soon, or is it the real possible thing?