Audrina Patridge in bikini

Posted on Apr 6 2010 - 11:13am by GJ Staff

Audrina Patridge was seen at the MGM’s Wet Republic pool.Her disguise is profesional because as you can see she’s not assaulted by the people.Most of us enjoy seeing a girl in bikini especially when is one of the celebrities,I am talking in the name of the girls because they are curious on the clothes part,make-up bla bla.She is still good looking comparing with ‘other’ celebrities,whom one day they look good and in another day they change dramatically and you can’t explain that phenomenon.Audrina was always in shape because she is aware that being celebrity you need to be more responsible and more comprehensive concerning your body limits and your diet.

I am sure that she has a lot of persons that are working for her to mantain her body features intact but the big question is:’Does she has any bf?’

If you do know the answer to our question you are welcome to answer.