Babies can understand better at their early ages

Posted on Aug 25 2011 - 4:40pm by GJ Staff

Smart early kids

According to a recent study,your little boys and girls can understand even more at their early ages,but you don’t need to force them now!This is due to their delicate brain which is growing and gaining more information from all around.You need to watch out on what you are saying and try to give them a proper education.

"Studies have suggested that children between the ages of 2 and 3 start to build their understanding of grammar gradually from watching and listening to people," study researcher Caroline Rowland of the University of Liverpool’s Child Language Study Center said in a statement. "More recent research, however, has suggested that even at 21 months, infants are sensitive to the different meanings produced by particular grammatical construction, even if they can’t articulate words properly."

This is absolutely fascinating! This is how they tested it:

Rowland and her colleagues showed a group of 2-year-olds pictures of a cartoon rabbit and duck and asked each toddler to match the illustrations to sentences containing made-up verbs.

"One picture was the rabbit acting on the duck, lifting the duck’s leg, for example, and the other was an image of the animals acting independently, such as swinging a leg," Rowland said. "We then played sentences with made-up verbs — the rabbit is glorping the duck — over a loudspeaker and asked them to point to the correct picture. They picked out the correct image more often than we would expect them to by chance."

You can try to teach your baby boy the basics by teaching him the ABC and maybe you will change his way of life.