Bam Margera is in hospital with broken bones

Posted on Jul 27 2011 - 7:25pm by GJ Staff

Bam Margera who played in Jackass The Movie is now in hospital with broken ribs and one arm after fighting with his neightbour in an interesting competition.

According to TMZ:

Margera says he was racing his neighbor up a set of stairs … and promised the guy he could have one of Bam’s skateboards if he won — but, “Somehow I wound up tumbling down the stairs.”

Bam explains, “I tackled my neighbor and fell down the stairs horsing around. I’m still in the hospital.”

Bam says he’s still unsure about the extent of his injuries — but he may have broken his arm and several ribs.

I am sure there’s no problem for him because being used to this can be also a benefit,you know how many falls he endured!Bam is like a GOD,her wounds will be recovered in no time,just kiddin"!

Hopefully he’ll be fine,we pray for him!