Betsey Johnson launches Too Too Fragrance

Posted on Sep 3 2011 - 1:27pm by GJ Staff

Betsey Johnson will be launching next  month it’s new fragrance called Too Too.In my opinion that box does everything in which it’s packed,and it makes you really curious to open it!

"I have these old antiquity things with glass globes, and I’ve always loved that precious thing in a glass globe, like restaurants that come out with silver covers over the dish and say ‘tah-dah’."

This glass globe is similar to those in which is snowing for Christmas,remember?

"OMG, did we give her [the bottle] boobs. I really love that she’s a busty babe. Anyone can be a busty babe without silicone or saline or foam, if they buy my bras. One of my implants deflated over a month. That’s how I found out I had breast cancer — they took out the implant and found a lump the mammogram had missed. I love to do appearances for breast cancer month in October, and so that is a perfect kickoff month for me with the fragrance."

Wait for it and why not buying it?