Bill Clinton in Hangover 2

Posted on Nov 15 2010 - 8:44am by GJ Staff

Bill Clinton is exercising also his actor skills in long awaited Hangover 2,the place were he shot was in Thailand.

“Bill’s gotten very, very skinny and he’s worried about his health,” said one concerned insider.

“He’s convinced he won’t be alive by this time next year. He’s trying to stay optimistic and desperately hopes he can live long enough to enjoy seeing grandchildren. But secretly, he and his friends give him just six months to live.

“Bill’s eyes light up when he talks about chasing grandchildren around the yard. Chelsea can’t wait for the day she can tell her dad she’s pregnant.”

“The truth is,” the source adds, “Bill looks terrible. He’s aged 10 years in the last 12 months. He has deep, deep bags under his eyes and just this hollow look in his face. And he’s bequeathed money for his future grandchildren.

“Ever since his heart bypass in 2004 he’s been worrying his days are numbered. He’s terrified that his heart is just going to give out completely.

“His heart’s bad and his arteries keep clogging. You get the feeling he’s doomed, and won’t live much longer.

“Some of his friends are wondering if he can even live out the year!”

Hopefully there won’t be any problem with him..