Charlie’s ex in trouble?

Posted on Dec 9 2011 - 12:33pm by C Tanner

Charlie Sheen Mueller ex

A case involving Brooke Mueller, better known as one of the ex-wives of Charlie Sheen is currently taking place in Colorado. It seems that perhaps Sheen was not the only one that was enjoying the wild lifestyle of drugs. Mueller was at a nightclub and had a fight with another woman there.

After the authorities came and did a search, there were some accusations that Mueller may have also been carrying some cocaine. Though she is saying that there are other factors that are not out yet, that will show that she is not guilty of the assault or possession.

Her attorney will be Yale Galanter, and he has already looked into the case. Her court date will take place on December 19th. Though there may be more information about this case it is kind of funny how so many people can get out of charges when they have money.

Most of her money could be coming out of Sheen’s pocket for alimony and other support he could be offering her. She had to have some money set back in order to post the 11,000 dollar bond she had after being arrested Saturday.

If this was a normal person who didn’t have money or perhaps the right connections they would still be in jail and facing a lot of time. But for some reason the celebrities in the world have a way of being treated differently from everyone else.