Check Out Kim Kardashian Getting A Dose Of Botox

Posted on Sep 10 2010 - 3:11pm by GJ Staff

I think Kim Kardashian is getting off limits with her body,she keeps doing and doing more adjustmensts.Botox is for her like water and why not hire a psychiatrist to tell her that she is gorgeous!

Some liposuction at her booty would do the trick and I don’t simply see any other body issues for her!What do you think,is she crazy?

 Kim said:

“I don’t even know why I brought Khloé with me,” Kim tells the cameras later. “She’s making all this noise and she’s freaked out about the needle. I just want her to shut up and be supportive!”

And Khloé does finally shut up — but not before asking more ridiculous questions, like: “Wait, if Lamar [Odom] is bald, can [Botox] go on the top of his head?”