Chris Brown Rihanna Snuggle Grammy – A Match Made In Heaven?

Posted on Feb 11 2013 - 8:23pm by GJ Staff

Chris Brown beat Rihanna black and blue on the way home from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy celebrations in 2009 and yet last night they were spotted snuggling up together at the Grammys. It has been publicly known for a while that the two were back together – Rihanna even went to court with Chris Brown and blew him a kiss. For every negative word against them, fans are positive that it’s the right move.

chris brown rihanna snuggle

They think that Chris Brown and Rihanna are a match made in heaven and they were made for each other. The question is, “Will Chris Brown be able to restrain from violence towards Rihanna?”

Chris Brown and Rihanna did not walk the red carpet together, but they made no attempt to hide the fact they were together again, once inside the Staples Center in LA. Back in 2009 Chris Brown even threatened to throw Rihanna out of a speeding car, but it seems that love conquers everything.

Hopefully Chris Brown has learned his lesson and won’t raise another fist to beautiful Rihanna, but only time will tell.

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