Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton one night together!

Posted on Jun 13 2009 - 1:39pm by GJ Staff


Christiano Ronaldo celebrated his huge transfer of 93 million $ in a very high class club,MyHouse in Los Angeles.Paris Hilton was there accidentaly so they started talking about different things.Surprisingly the both superstars started to kiss even that Paris is engaged..Paris Hilton was so “excited” when she has seen Christiano next to her and he didn’t mind..A few years ago he rejected her because it was so bitchy for him..Could this have changed for him?Who knows?

He spent in that night more than 20 000$ for the champagne and all the drinks and the feeling was awesome..After a couple of time they left the club at Paris’s sister.And after that anyone can guess what they’ve done there….The football player left the house after a few hours later…