Daniel Craig needs help to quit smoking,anyone?

Posted on Aug 13 2011 - 4:46pm by GJ Staff

Daniel Craig quit smoking

Daniel Craig wants to quit smoking for real and any temptation…he passes it in a hardly way!

The Cowboy and Aliens hero has one ugly fear that he might come back to his old habbit,that of beggining to smoke again!Agent 007 must fight this horrbible disease and victory should be he’s.

Craig says:

“Because it’s stupid, no offense … yes I love it, it’s dumb and it will kill you … It’s still a constant struggle, they always say you’re an addict and you can never actually stop being a smoker,” Daniel said when asked why he decided to ditch his cigarette habit.

“It’s a horrible thing, it’s a real addiction, very difficult.”

I am sure that with a bit of effort and all kind of treatments he might solve this issue,but who knows what future has for him!

He really needs you support,maybe a big hug will make him feel different!

Take care 007!