Daphne Guiness can tell you stories about Alexander McQueen

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 3:48pm by GJ Staff

Daphne Guiness

Daphne Guiness tells everything about Alexander McQueen in an interview for W Magazine.

On her opinion about McQueen:

“I admired him and didn’t want to meet him because I am quite shy, but Isabella [Blow] said I must. But I didn’t want to be a groupie. It had to happen organically. You don’t have to know someone to love their work.

One day he saw me walking across the street in his kimono and he ran up to me and said, “ I’m the person you don’t want to meet!” We went to a pub and hit it off. Of course after that I was so irritated not to have known him before!”

Alexander was a legend and still is in our soul and mind,we will remember him just as we should!