Demi Moore bikini in the Caribbean

Posted on Jul 14 2009 - 8:34pm by GJ Staff


We haven’t heard a lot of Demi Moore lately and these photos came in handy right when we needed them.Why we don’t see her anymore in any other movies?We enjoyed her in Charlie’s Angels and we want her back!Although she gone old there is always a solution for that and that it’s called plastic surgery as we said concerning the other celebrities.I am sure she had the intervention especially at her face like botox and maybe at her body because she can’t be so sexy at her age,or maybe she has done some gym,who knows!

Anyway Demi we hope you enjoy you’ve vacation and please tann for us too,I mean the ones who haven’t had the occasion to go somewhere in this holiday or maybe didn’t had the finances because what the heck!There is an international crysis,right?

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