Emma Watson In A Special White Dress

Posted on May 7 2010 - 12:13pm by GJ Staff

“Penicus Erectus!” said Emma Watson as she entered the 750th Annual Devil Worshipers Ball in Stockton, CA.The Harry Potter has changed her appearance in something more mature,and it really worked!It’s hard to tell what’s her real age because she’s triing to be different from the girls of her age,at least she made us think that way.

Emma Watson should be a model for the others because she doesn’t seem to be stubborn or to adopt any forbidden style.Kids of her age do other things that most of them implies 90% distraction,clubs,dating,I don’t think that she has any time to do that,her life it’s already scheduled.She must wake up at a certain hour and of course go at the filming,I doubt that she has any time for herself.

On the second plan she is haunted daily by the bad paparazzo who are awaiting her to make a new subject,she must also take care on who’s dating her because
that person can be exposed too in a bad manner and the list can go on.