Emma Watson in Harper’s Bazaar UK edition

Posted on Jul 4 2011 - 12:22pm by GJ Staff

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is set to appear on Harper’s Bazaar August 2011 Issue,any opinions?

On not wanting to live in Los Angeles: “LA scares the crap out of me. I feel if I have to work out four hours a day, and count the calories of everything I put in my mouth, and have Botox at 22, and obsess about how I look the whole time, I will go mad, I will absolutely lose it.”

On why cheap clothing isn’t great: “When I went out to Bangladesh, to a factory where the clothes are made [for mass-market labels], it was horrifying. There is a cost to cheap clothes — if people could see the inhumane way they’re made, they would never in a million years buy them…”

On not being the bad girl: “My acting tutor said the hardest thing for me was to get angry. I almost broke down in tears when they tried to get me to be angry. I said, “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.” I keep all of that really bottled up somewhere and I feel unleashing it would be the scariest thing – and to let myself be powerful, sexy, all those things, it’s scary for me. [Even playing the bad girl in this shoot] felt a bit uncomfortable and awkward, it didn’t come naturally at all.”

Check her out,ain’t she amazing?