Eva Mendes September 2009 UK Marie Claire magazine

Posted on Jul 29 2009 - 8:50pm by GJ Staff

Eva Mendes will appear on the next cover of Marie Claire UK in september 2009.

She says in her interview that she doesn’t feels sorry for the Calvin Klein commercials that were not distrubuted to U.S,reason..to much nudity.

‘You can’t show your nipples,apparently,in the States,’said Mendes.

‘But you can blow up anything you please in a movie or on TV’.

She said concerning her curves.

‘I love my curves and I embrace them’.Here we have to agree with that because she is one of the most sexiest women there is!

She added:

‘I Love therapy!I’m very into it. I’m very in touch with my feelings, so I’m a completely different person,’