Finally, An Admission Of Guilt for Lance Armstrong

Posted on Jan 18 2013 - 3:57pm by GJ Staff

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation but only seconds to ruin it. This popular phrase can be applied to Lance Armstrong, the American professional road racing cyclist whose reputation has been completely tarnished after being charged with the use of performance- enhancing drugs by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).Is not a good time to bet on cycling, maybe you should bet on super bowl instead.But let’s continue with the story.

His cycling career started off well until he received a cancer scare in 1996. In spite of this setback, he survived the cancer and was able to return back to cycling. Regarding the Lance Armstrong doping, he has faced these charges for a considerable duration of his profession; allegations which he openly denied, that is, until this recent interview with Oprah and the investigation findings from USADA.

lange armstrong doping

However, after years of denying doping allegations, Armstrong has finally confessed that he had engaged in doping that enabled him to clinch several racing titles, among them the prestigious Tour de France which he won seven times consecutively. In an exclusive interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey which aired on January 17th, Armstrong admitted to using an assortment of drugs that over the years enabled him to win the Tour de France and obtain million dollar endorsement deals.

“This is too late, it’s too late for most people and that’s my fault,” he told Oprah. He added that at the time, he did not feel that he was doing something wrong or that he as cheating in any way.With the recent discovery by USADA over Lance Armstrong doping, he has now been officially stripped of all racing titles he won since August 1998 while also receiving a lifetime ban from all competitions.

Now, Armstrong faces various legal hurdles that can see him required to return the money he earned from the endorsements and titles.

Photo Credit: Wenn