Game of Thrones Wilko Jones diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic cancer

Posted on Jan 12 2013 - 6:54pm by GJ Staff

While the thrilling news from HBO about the release of the third season of Game of Thrones might be something to look forward to this year, the fact that Wilko Jones was reported to be diagnosed with cancer might not. The founder of Dr. Feelgood who plays an executioner who is mute on Game of Thrones posted the sad news on Facebook informing his fans and friends of his health condition.

So what has this songwriter cum actor been doing throughout his life? Well, far before he started chopping off heads in Game of Throne, Wilko was known as one of the founding fathers of burgeoning punk in Britain. At the somber age of 65, you could say that Wilko has had enough of life. Still, since he is still in good shape and has not yet started chemotherapy, Wilko plans to tour France, release a new CD and even release a live DVD.

wilko johnson pancreatic cancer

As for his fans and admirers, Wilko gives his sincerest thanks and utmost appreciation for their support. Well, we wish you all the best Wilko.