George Clooney is always like in a Parade

Posted on Sep 24 2011 - 8:21pm by GJ Staff

Clooney parade magazine 2011

George Clooney is great at every appearance in front of any women,and this is a proven fact!We can’t really say that every woman like him but there is a major percent that usually love him!

His charm continues even at his 50’s.

What is the secret to this ‘likeness’?Well he is being natural and this is one of the most suitable advatages,also in every women’s case this is applied!

Can you believe he is about to turn 50 yeard old?

He said about his age:

“I look at myself on-screen and go, ‘I don’t look like I did when I was 40–I know that.’ The people I’ve respected most in the industry over the years, Paul Newman, for instance. I just loved the way he handled growing old on-screen. It’s understanding that you’re now basically a character actor.

On years passing by:

“I find that as you get older, you start to simplify things in general. By the time you get a subscription to AARP, which I just got, you have some idea of who your friends are, at least. [Getting the AARP subscription] shocked me–’Are you kidding?’ [laughs] I told them they should do ‘The Sexiest Man Still Alive.

Long life for him!He is only at his half-life right now,right?

The future is still bright for George Clooney…