George Clooney talked to his pig spirit!!

Posted on Jun 19 2009 - 8:15pm by GossipMan

George Clooney  loved his pet so much and he has not recovered after his death. Lonesome, the famous actor turned to the services of a medium to come into contact with the spirit of his pig Max.

“The medium told me that Max had a beautiful life with me.He`s spirit is very happy and sometimes comes to see me. I do not know if he told the truth, but as I like to think he did”, said George Clooney to a friend.
Max died in 2006 in the actor house, while he was in full tour to promote the movie “The Good German” and he was devastated for his loss. Pigs suffered from arthritis and was nearly blind. He lived next to George Clooney for 18 years time, and sometimes shared the same bed, even as the actor stated.