Guide To Open A Bottle Of Champagne!

Posted on Mar 31 2010 - 6:07pm by GJ Staff

Here you have the most perfect method to open a bottle of champagne,the way the pro’s do it!

It sounds like this:

1 -Take the bottle out of the refrigerator or ice bucket.

2 – Using a towel, wipe the excess moisture from the bottle. (You want to be able to get a good grip on it.)

3 – Drape the towel over the neck of the bottle, and loosely wrap, covering the cork. (This keeps the cork from knocking a guest unconscious should it get away from you.)

4 – Holding your thumb over the cork, unscrew the wire cage and remove. (Useless trivia: Almost all wire cages are secured with 6 half twists.)

5 – Holding the cork in place, get a firm grip on the bottom of the bottle. Twist the bottle, NOT THE CORK, until you feel the cork start to release.

6 – The cork should come out with a soft whoosh, not a loud pop. A loud pop means you’ve let too much air escape. And that’s bad. You want to preserve as many bubbles as possible. And women love a guy who can control his pop.