Halle Berry would do anything for her daughter

Posted on Jan 3 2011 - 2:47pm by GJ Staff

Halle Berry mom

Halle Berry says that from the moment she became a mother,she is no longer that interested in her career.She can even quit from making movies,this is for her daughter!

“Children shift your priorities and now I have a greater purpose for being here. I love making movies but I would give it all up to be with my daughter if I had to because she’s the love of my life,” Halle said.

“She’s made me a better person because everything I do and say, everything I want and don’t want, I think first, ‘Will this be best for her?’

“When you have children you get to see things all over again. So I’ve never laughed as hard, I’ve never done more silly things, and I go to great lengths to make her laugh.

She’s awakened a childlike side of me.