Heroin was the deathly element for Amy’s Winehouse death

Posted on Jul 25 2011 - 3:53pm by GJ Staff

Amy Winehouse

There is said that Amy Winehouse had the day she died a conflict with bf Reg Traviss,this because she called ex Blake Fielder.Could her bf had something to say in particular?Why he didn’t resolved her drinking issues?

“Reg found out Amy and Blake had been chatting and got upset. The pair had a fight and Reg walked out. She had been drinking more and more whisky – before her disastrous Serbian gig she had shared nine bottles of Jack Daniels – and then basically decided to play Russian roulette with her life.

“She was upstairs injecting heroin on a self-destruct mission.

“The fear is she deliberately took more than usual because she was past the point of caring whether she lived or died. Amy never wanted to die in obscurity, to die having never made a record as good as Back To Black. It was almost as if she wanted to die young, to leave a legacy, and to be remembered for her music and her voice. Sadly, she was all too aware of the 27 Club and was never scared to join it.”

Rest in peace Amy and we still love you!

Update:It took six hours for Amy Winehouse to be found,she was dead six hours in her room.It could be happened a lot of things in this time but let’s not interpret this…