Highest paid celebs in Hollywood

Posted on Jul 16 2009 - 7:47pm by GossipMan

The highest paid celebrity in Hollywood is the one and only George Lucas who become famous after the Star-Wars Trilogy.His income is $170 millions.

Check out the 15 biggest earners in Hollywood:

George Lucas: $170 million
Steven Spielberg: $150 million
Jerry Bruckheimer: $100 million
Jerry Seinfeld: $85 million
Phil McGraw: $80 million
Tyler Perry: $75 million
Dick Wolf: $75 million
Simon Cowell: $75 million
Bruce Springsteen: $70 million
Howard Stern: $70 million
Harrison Ford: $65 million
Kenny Chesney: $65 million
James Patterson: $60 million
Adam Sandler: $55 million
Larry David: $55 million