Hollywood’s Best Flock to Independent Studios

Posted on Jul 26 2012 - 6:25am by GJ Staff

Everyone in the movie industry is well aware of the power that comes with working in Hollywood. While most of the big-budget blockbuster movies are made by major motion picture studios, there are certain drawbacks that come with working with a big studio. Because of this, many big names are starting to branch out into working with independent studios on projects.

Charlie Kaufman’s Creativity

One such example of a big-name branching out into an independent video is Charlie Kaufman’s latest project. Charlie Kaufman is a well-respected mind in the movie studio industry. He has been behind some big movies like Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Adaptation. While he’s come up with some pretty successful movies over the years, his latest project is going through an independent studio, Starburns Industries. Anomalisa is the name of the project, and it is Kaufman’s first animated feature. Kaufman cited the freedom to truly be creative, and see his vision all the way through as reasons that he is working in the independent arena.

In Hollywood, there are hundreds of and thousands of different scripts that have some amazing concepts and ideas your very few of them actually get to go all the way through the process of being made into movies. Even fewer actually are made into movies in the way that they were originally intended. With an independent studio, Kaufman is free to come up with a vision and then make it happen on the big screen.

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Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is another example of some pretty big names coming together to put out a high-quality movie on an independent studio. Oxymoron Entertainment run by Christopher Mallick have put together a number of high-quality movies in recent years. Their latest offering, known as Columbus Circle, features big names like Jason Lee, Amy Smart, Selma Blair, Beau Bridges, and Giovanni Ribisi. When independent studios can land big actors and actresses such as these, it opens up a whole new realm of possibility for the movie industry as a whole. No longer are actors constrained to the shackles of the big movie studios, and they are free to express themselves in different ways.

Overall, the movie industry should expect even more great movies being put out by independent studios in the near future. Big actors and actresses are starting to see the value in working with these films as the quality of their productions increase.