How You Can Have Gorgeous Non-Frizzy Julia Roberts Winter Hair!

Posted on Feb 25 2010 - 8:10pm by GJ Staff

Julia Roberts has some secrets concerning her hair during winter,feel free to check em’ out!

She said in her interview:

Hey BFFs: I have a simple solution for winter hair, that I’ve tried and IS working, and can work for you too. Here’s the deal: I asked NYC celebrity stylist John Barrett of the John Barrett Salon, whose clients include Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Vanessa Redgrave, how to save my yucky dried-out winter hair. He explained THE BIG CULPRIT is OVERWASHING! Apparently, we shouldn’t be washing our hair every day…

His tip:only wash your hair two or three times a week. INSTEAD — just rinse your hair with water and then use a little conditioner, so your hair feels clean and smells good. Then he recommends using a hair mask once a week, which will help hair cuticles re-bond. Now, I’ve been a daily hair wash addict for years, and I was horrified by the idea of not washing, especially since I work out almost every day. But I tried it: now I only wash my hair every other day and it’s — surprise — totally working. It looks better, still feels clean and BONUS — I save 5 minutes in the shower a few times a week.

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