I am Beckam..Victoria Beckam!

Posted on Nov 8 2010 - 8:56am by GJ Staff

victoria beckam is a secret agent

Victoria Beckam  was spotted at the Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles and she looks like a true agent assigned in a secret mission to kill everyone who try to stop her.You can compare her with Trinity from "Matrix",the only difference is that she is more appropiate for that role.Who knows maybe they will try to give her a similar role in a new movie,way out better than Matrix.Dreams,dreams,dreams,just like the song!

This outfit reminds me also of her new perfume and David’s called DVB Fragrances and launched recently.

David Beckham Instinct Ice is a new fragrance by David Beckham, expected on the market in March 2010. The fragrance incorporates bergamot, black pepper, nutmeg, geranium, rosemary, birch leaf, along with elemi resin, sandalwood and tonka. Available as 30ml edt limited edition.

You should experience the new fragances and say your opinion right on your favorite website GossipJuice.When you will try it you will become an agent yourself just like Victoria and Beckam,is like a secret formula that is ready to expand.

Regarding her outfits,there are certain rumors that she is spending no more than $600 000 per shopping session.Well,there are only rumors and they need to be taken in consider.

So watch out gossip people when you’ll see her again dressed like this,she might be extremely dangerous and armed and under assignment.