Janet Jackson is a tomboy like Emma Watson

Posted on Jun 25 2011 - 5:48pm by GJ Staff

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson admits she is a tomboy just like our girl Emma Watson.Why did she chose that style?Well,because it’s more confortable if you need to think twice and it lets you move naturally.

“I work with an amazing stylist, Robert Behar, who helps me when I’m going to public events. Otherwise, I just put on jeans and a T-shirt.”

“I always see things I want to change and think I will always have body issues, but I am happy with where I am,” she said.

“I try not to call it a diet, but a lifestyle. It’s easy in that I get double the amount of exercise in because I try to work out before doing the two-hour show.

“But it’s also harder because your body doesn’t get the time to recoup what it really needs.”