Jay-Z clears the problem with his latest album!

Posted on Feb 23 2010 - 5:19pm by GossipMan


The famous rapper Jay-Z explained to the media why his latest album called Blueprint 3 is not ready for his fans to buy.

"I made a bunch of songs," Jay said. "We’re gonna get in the studio and get down to what’s supposed to be on the album and when. Right now, Kanye is making a new batch of music that’s going to be phenomenal, and at the end of the day, when it’s ready for the people, then we’ll serve it up."Jay told MTV News that James is one of the few people who’ve heard the in-progress Blueprint 3, and that he welcomes any criticism his NBA All-Star homie brings."He listens to lyrics so he picks up on things early," Jay said of James. "I welcome that from anyone. Anyone who makes it in the room, their opinion is valued. But him being my brother and all, he picks up on lyrics, so I’m always anxious to hear his opinions on what I’m making.""He does the same thing to me," James offered about the constructive criticism Jay gives him about his game. "If I’m out there not getting enough rebounds, or missing too many free throws, he lets me know about it."