Jay-Z encourages the U.K. youth to vote!

Posted on Feb 22 2010 - 11:08am by GossipMan


American Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z encourages the U.K. youth to vote if they want to see any changes in their country.

He says, “The rise of the BNP is a problem. Power is dangerous in the hands of the wrong person and it’s up to the people to get them out of there – which goes back to voting. We have to use that power. We can’t just sit back and not vote – that’s dangerous.
“Everyone needs new blood once in a while. And Britain needs it to shake up the country. People are calling it Broken Britain, so there’s obviously a problem. Someone needs to reinvigorate and galvanise the country and give it something to believe in. That means a leader with charisma to get the youth out to vote.”
He adds, “Britain needs to look at America and Obama to see how he did it. He connected with the young and gave them something to believe in. Before Obama, people in my neighbourhood were disillusioned. They thought nothing would happen no matter who was in office. But Obama changed that and really connected with people. He heard us and so we voted. Britain needs a leader who can do the same, who understands the youth and deals with their needs and what they have to say.”