Jeff’s Bridges Marriage Is Like Going To The Gym

Posted on May 20 2010 - 10:51am by GJ Staff

Jeff Bridges Marriage 1

Jeff Bridges said in a interview that his marriage is like going to the gym.Well,he has a point there!Is more easier to make gym with your wife home,is much easier and much faster in the same time.Who wouldn’t like that?The problem is that this kind of gym can’t be done forever,only till one point.

He said with Costco:

“We’ve been married 33 years. Life can be a challenge. You come up against things where some people say ‘I’ve had it; that’s too tough.’ But if you stay with those feelings and try to understand the other person’s position and really be there for the other person, your love gets to expand. I guess it’s almost like working out. You work out and it becomes easier and you start to enjoy it.”


  • Californiagrl

    Gorgeous man, little weird with those sleep tapes, kinda worries me if he is as bizarre as those tapes, however he is still hot and a great actor. Love what he says about marriage, I too am 30 years married and find a resonance with his sentiments.