Johnny Knoxville wants another baby

Posted on Aug 19 2009 - 1:17am by GJ Staff

Johnny Knoxville,the star from "Jackass"  will have another baby,sources confirm that.

"Yes, they are expecting and very excited,"

It is nice to have a second baby and to hold it again in your arms for the first time,remmembering the good times.Is it going to include his babies in a new Jackass movie?Who knows!You know that word:"Like father,like son"..

Most of the parents wish their childs to continue the family history and they force them to do undesired facts which I consider them not ok from every point of view.I always liked the idea that every man needs to choose in life because every step in our life it’s an test,right?

In my opinion he should have as many babies as he wants but he must take in mind what I’ve said above..