Karina Smirnoff is engaged with Brad Penny

Posted on Nov 8 2010 - 12:22pm by GJ Staff

karina smirnoff and brad penny

Karina Smirnoff from "Dancing with the stars" is officially carried on the wings of love by her future baseball player,Brad Penny ( not Pitt).Well,now that the knots are almost to be tied up,she needs a strong party to expand the feeling or maybe she’ve already done that!

She said:

"I was in the middle of the show and had no clue what was cooking behind my back," Smirnoff tells Us, adding that the proposal happened at what she thought was a business meeting. "The dinner meeting was set up at a restaurant in Malibu. When [my manager and I] got there, it was completely empty. She excused herself to take a call and while I was sitting there alone, Brad came in.

"I had crazy hair and black lipstick on and was just concerned about looking like the Bride of Frankenstein," she continues. "Even after Brad got down to one knee and opened the box with the ring, it still didn’t register."