Kate Moss is converting to Buddhism

Posted on May 18 2009 - 7:18pm by GossipMan

Model Kate Moss (35 years) decided to become a good girl. So, the beautiful supermodel decided to convert to Buddhism. Kate Moss was the first model to be named a supermodel and the first to set a new trend of skinny models.The fact that she decided to become a good girl is a good thing because we all remember the time when she went crazy and developed a drinking and drugs problem.

Moss  has already purchased, according to Female First, a statue of Buddha, high of 120 centimeters. The model spends a good time every day, with the statue, surrounded by incandescent scented switches. While her friends are disturbed by her new occupation , Moss said recently that the Buddhism gives her a state of calm, which she hasn`t  had for a long time.