Katy Perry and her twitter pics!

Posted on Jun 25 2009 - 3:34pm by GossipMan





There is a new trend among celebrities and it consist on posting nude pictures on Twitter.The latest victim is the beautiful Katy Perry and her picture with a box of pizza covering her amazing boobs.The initiator of this trend is Lindsay Lohan who posted a nude picture taken in a New York high end club.In my opinion Katy Parry should take another picture but without the pizza box because we must decide if her statement in which she defends her boobs is true :”It’s all about doing push-ups. You know that, right? The push-ups keep them good and not like armpit pancakes,” she insists.

She recently took the 10th spot in FHM’s sexiest woman poll and was also put on a list as one of Hollywood’s worst dressed