Kellan Lutz talks about “New Moon” Body

Posted on Aug 3 2009 - 9:55pm by GJ Staff

Taylor’s star vampire co-star Kellan Lutz,talks about his role in this wonderful movie and the tricks to be on Seventeen Magazine.

“I get bored when I’m in the gym,” Kellan said. “I usually can’t just lift weights without music. I get bored easily – I always have to be doing something active.”

So what sport, in particular, does Kellan like to sink his teeth into?

“I hate to run so for all the runners out there, I hate you. But I love to swim. I’m a fish, I have a pool in my backyard so every morning I will go swimming, even when it’s colder I’ll try to,” he explained. “I’ll have my dog swim with me but usually she doesn’t go under the water so we usually play a game… I play with my dog for a workout. It’s great. A lot of times I’m a loner, so I have to play games with myself.”

In other words,you need to work a lot to keep in shape,lots of diets,lots of meals per day like six he had..I know this is hard for you people but this guy it’s paid for this and this is one of his advantages,think about it!But also for yourself think about how many fat people there are,think about this everyday and maybe it will change your mind about food orientation and schedule your program..