Kellan Lutz talks about Twilight in Nylon Guys November 2011 Issue

Posted on Oct 6 2011 - 8:32pm by GJ Staff

Kellan Lutz in Nylon

Kellan Lutz is kinda new to Nylon Guys November 2011 Issue,where he is talking about how blessed is for playing in one of the most rated movies called Twilight.

Read a few parts of the whole interview:

On feeling like the textbook middle child:
"My mom was always taking care of the troubled older brothers, and then my younger brothers were twins, so she had a lot to handle with them. I was kind of the easy one, which meant that I got lost in the shuffle."

On the perks of "Twilight" being so popular:
"It was a golden ticket for all of us. Actors act their whole lives just to get what we got."

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