Kim Kardashian has a new haircut

Posted on Jun 23 2009 - 5:26pm by GossipMan


The sexy Kim Kardashian was spotted at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto this weekend with a new haircut.She went all out and did a classic short haircut that remindes me of Marilyn Monroe.Another thing that struck me is that she publicy stated that she will turn to plastic surgery and do her boobs after she has childrens.In my opinion her boobs are perfect and no plastic surgery can make them better.Kim and her sisters own a shop in Florida called Dash which was vandalized recently.She currently is engaged with American football player Reggie Bush and it seems that she forgotten the rough that she had with her former boyfriend rapper Ray J and the sex tape that they both made.

I am interested to hear your opinion,is the new haircut improve her looks or the old one was better?